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kj Introduction

Southwest University (SWU) is a comprehensive and national key university sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China. SWU was founded in July, 2005, by the amalgamation of two formerly individual universities, Southwest China Normal University and Southwest China Agriculture University. The history of both universities can be traced back to 100 years ago. It is one of the "211 Project" universities(top 100) which get preferential support for their development and construction from the Central Government of China. Now the total number of the students at SWU has reached more than 80 000, among them 50 000 are full-time students. There are many international students working for their bachelors, masters, doctors degrees and advanced studies in SWU every year. SWU is located in Chongqing municipality, which is the central city in the Western China Development Project. The Three Gorges, Dazu Stones Carving and Hotpot Food are worldwide famous and unique. Southwest University began to enroll international students in the 1950’s. It is also one of the universities designated by the Ministry of Education to enroll Chinese Government Scholarship students. Most of the international students in SWU are now majoring in Chinese language, Pedagogy, Psycology, Economics, Business in China, Chinese Minorities Studies, Life Sciences, Food Sciences, Agriculture, Fine Arts, and Chinese Martial Arts, etc. The qualified International students in Southwest University have the privileges and chances to get Chonqing Mayor Scholarships and SWU Excellent Overseas Students Scholarship. In addition SWU is donating a share of Integrative Insurance for Medical Care and Accidents for every long term overseas student.

SWU covers a very broad range of studies including philosophy, economics, law, pedagogics, literature, history, science, engineering, agriculture and management. The university now offers 40 national key disciplines, 66 doctoral programs, 9 postdoctoral programs, 159 master’s programs and 97 bachelor’s programs. SWU is known nationwide for its teaching methodological and agricultural studies. Studies in Pedagogics, psychology and agriculture have distinguished predominance in China; The Research of Silkworm Genome is top in the world. A great deal of creative research works have been achieved in the fields like Zero Tillage Cultivation, Silkworm Genome, Studies on the Education and Psychological Behavior of Minorities in Southwestern China, and the Research on Human Time Cognition, etc.

dormitory huiwen building

hhhProgrammes we offer:
  · The International students have the following options of study At SWU:
  · Undergraduate or graduate degree-granting programs: Undergraduate, Master’s Degree and Ph. D. Degree.
  · Visiting students programs (non-degree granting): General visiting students, Senior visiting students.
  · Short term language programs or study tours concerning Chinese culture and scenery, martial arts, and business in China, etc.

Programs in detail:??

Departments and majors for Undergraduate Program (4 years)


Name of the schools or colleges



College of Political Science and Public Management


Public Administration

Administration Management


College of Economics and Management


International Economics and Trade


Business Administration

Management of Human Resources

Tourism Management



Management of Farming and Forestry


College of Culture and Social Development

Social Work

Labour and Social Welfare


College of Education


Pre-School Education

Special Education (for the disabled or mentally retarded)

Primary Education

Education Administration


College of Psychology


Applied Psychology


College of Physical Education

Physical Education

Sports Training


College of Chinese Language and Literature

Chinese Language and Literature

Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

Film and Drama Literature


School of Foreign Languages




College of Music


Musical Performance

Dance Studies


School of Fine Arts

Painting and Chinese Painting


Fine Arts Studies

Artistic Design


College of Historic Cultures & College of Nationalities




School of Mathematics and Statistics

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics


College of Physics and Technology & College of Electronic Information Engineering


Science Education

Electronic Information Engineering

Communication Engineering


College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering


Applied Chemistry

Material Chemistry


College of Life Sciences and Biological Technology




College of Biotechnology




School of Geographical Science


Environmental Resources &
Rural and Urban Area Planning

Geographical Information System


School of Material Science and Engineering

Material Physics


College of Resources and Environment

Environmental Science

Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Forestry Studies

Water and Soil Conservation and Desertification Control

Agricultural Resources and Environment

Land Resources Management


College of Computer and Information Science
& College of Software


Computer Science and Technology

Software Programming

Information Management and Information System

Educational Technology

Network Engineering

Electronic Business


College of Engineering and Technology


Electronic Science and Technology

Civil Engineering

Design and Manufacture of Machinery & Its Automation

Agricultural Mechanization & Automation

Vehicle Engineering

Agricultural Architecture Environment & Energy Engineering


College of Textiles and Garment

Textile Engineering

Costume Design and Engineering


College of Food Science

Food Science and Engineering

Packaging Engineering

Food Quality and Security

Tea Science


College of Horticulture and Landscaping


Landscape Architecture

City Planning


College of Agronomy and Biotechnology



Rural Region Development


College of Plant Protection

Plant Protection

Pharmaceutics (Farming Chemicals)


College of Animal Science and Technology

Grassland Science

Animal Science

Veterinary Medicine

Aquatic Culture


School of Law



School of Journalism and Communication


Art of Broadcasting and Hosting

Editing and Directing of Radio and TV programs


School of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Pharmaceutical Engineering? (Biological)

Pharmaceutical Engineering? (Chemical)


Master’s Degree(2-3 years)/General visiting students (1-2 Years)

1. Chinese Philosophy

66. Physical Chemistry

2. Foreign Philosophy

67. Physical Geography

3. Logic

68. Human Geography

4. Ethics

69. Cartology and Geographical Information System

5. Aesthetics

70. Quaternary Geology

6. Religious Studies

71. Botany

7. Science and Technology Philology

72. Zoology

8. Political Economics

73. Aquatic Biology

9. Regional Economics

74. Microbiology

10. Finance

75. Genetics

11. Civil and Commercial Law

76. Cell Biology

12. Sociology

77. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

13. Ethnology

78. Ecology

14. Chinese Minorities History

79. Environmental Science

15. Pedagogic Principles

80. Environmental Engineering

16. Curriculum and Pedagogy

81. Science of Drugs Analysis

17. History of Education

82. Micrograms and Biochemical Pharmaceutics

18. Comparative Education

83. Material Chemistry and Physics

19. Preschool Education

84. Material Science

20. Tertiary Education

85. Signal and Information Processing

21. Adult Education

86. Computer Systematic Structure

22. Vocational and Technological Education

87. Computer Software and Theories

23. Science of Educational Technology

88. Applied Computer Skills

24. Scientific Education

89. Applied Chemistry

25. Minority Education

90. Mechanization of Farming

26. Basic Education

91. Agro-Biological Environment and Energy Engineering

27. Master of Education

92. Agricultural Electrification and Automation

28. Basic Psychology

93. Crop Cultivation and Geoponics

29. Developmental and Educational Psychology

94. Crop Genetics and Breeding

30. Applied Psychology

95. Seed Science and Engineering

31. Sports Humanistic Sociology

96. Medicinal Plant Cultivation

32. Physical Education and Training

97. Science of Fruit Trees

33. Theory of Literature and Arts

98. Science of Vegetables

34. Linguistics and Applied Linguistics

99. Science of Tea

35. Studies of Chinese Language and Writing

100. Floristry

36. Science of Chinese Ancient Documents

101. Soil Science

37. Chinese Classical Philology

102. Plant Nutriology

38. Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature

103. Medicinal Resources Chemistry

39. Language and Literature of Chinese Minorities

104. Plant Pathology

40. Comparative and World Literature

105. Agricultural Pest Control

41. English Language and Literature

106. Pesticide Science

42. Foreign Linguistics and Applies Linguistics

107. Biosafety

43. Communication Studies

108. Animal Hereditary Breeding and Reproduction

109 .Animal Nutriology and Feedstuff Science

110. Lawn Science

44. Musicology

111. Special Economic Animal Breeding

45. Studies of Fine Arts

112. Basic Veterinary Medicine

46. Movie Studies

113 Preventive Veterinary Medicine

49. Historical Geography

114. Clinical Veterinary Medicine

50. Historical Philology

115 Forest Cultivation

51. Specialized History

116. Landscape Plants and Ornamental Horticulture

52. Chinese Ancient History

117. Water and Soil Conservation and Dissertation Prevention

53. Modern and Contemporary Chinese History

118. Aquaculture

54. World History

119. Food Science

55. Basic Mathematics

120. Engineering of Crop, Fat and Plant Protein

56. Calculating Mathematics

121. Processing and Storage of Farm Product

57 Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics

122. Processing and Storage of Aquatic Products

58. Applied Mathematics

123. Accounting

59. Operational Research and Cybernetics

124. Business Management

60. Theoretical Physics

125. Tourism Management

61. Condensed Matter Physics

126. Management of Agricultural Economy

62. Optics

127. Educational Business and Administration

63. Inorganic Chemistry

128. Management of Land Resources

64. Analytical Chemistry

129.. Library Science

65. Organic Chemistry

130. Informatics


Ph. D. Degree (3-6 Years)/Senior visiting students (1~2 Years)

 1. Logic

 29. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

? 2. Aesthetics

? 30. Ecology

 3. Principles of Education

 31. Food Science

 4. Theory of Curriculum and Instruction

 32. Engineering of Crops, Fat and Plant Protein

 5. History of Education

 33. Processing and Storing of Farming Products

 6. Comparative Education

? 34. Processing and Storing of Aquatic Products

? 7. Pre-education

 8. Tertiary Education

 35. Crop Cultivation and Geoponics

 9. Adult Education

? 36. Crop Genetic Breeding

? 10. Vocational Education

? 37. Facility Agriculture

 11. Science of Educational Technology

 38. Science of Fruit Trees

 12. Scientific Education

? 39. Science of Vegetable

40. Science of Tea

? 13. Leadership Education

? 41. Floriculture

? 14. Basic Education

? 42. Soil Science

15.Basic Psychology

? 43. Plant Nutriology

 16. Developmental and Educational Psychology

 44. Agro Environmental Protection

 17. Applied Psychology

45. Medicinal Resources Chemistry

 18. Chinese Philology

 46. Plant Pathology

 19. English Language and Literature

47. Pest Control

? 20. Historical Geography

48. Pesticide Science

? 21. Basic Mathematics

49. Biosafety

 22. Analytical Chemistry

 50. Special Economic Animals Breeding

 23. Physical Geography


? 24. Science of Plant

52. Management of Agricultural Economy

? 25. Hydrobiology

53. Management of Forestry Economy

 26. Microbiology

54. Rural Regional Development

? 27. Genetics

? 28. Cell Biology

 55. Rural Commerce and Finance

Degree-granting programs require the students to have corresponding Chinese level. The HSK scores of students of Arts should at least be Middle C, and students of other majors be primary C. Those students who fail to meet the requirement in Chinese level should take the course of basic Chinese at SWU. All the courses for Undergraduate Program will be conducted in Chinese. Part of the Master’s Degree Program and Doctoral Program courses can be conducted in English at the applicants’ request, but 10%-20% extra tuition will be charged.


hhhRequirements for Admission

Undergraduate Program: The applicants should have had senior high school education and enjoy good health. Students are required to complete the curriculum in 4 years and fulfill the designated number of credits. Qualified graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with the bachelor's degree, according to the regulation of the Degree Committee.

Master's Program: The applicants should submit the certificates of bachelor's degree and two letters of recommendation from two professors, or associate professors, or scholars with equivalent academic titles, so as to be checked for enrollment. The applicants should be in good health and are required to complete the curriculum between 2-3 years, fulfill the designated number of credits, complete the master's thesis and defend it in front of a panel of experts. Qualified graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with the Master's Degree in accordance with the regulation of the Degree Committee.

Doctoral Program: The applicants should submit the certificate of master's degree and two letters of recommendation from two professors, or associate professors, or scholars with equivalent academic titles, so as to be checked for enrollment. The applicants should be in good health and are required to complete the curriculum between 3-6 years (in normal circumstances), fulfill the designated number of credits, conduct research, complete the doctoral thesis and defend it in front of a panel of experts. Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate with the doctoral degree in accordance with the regulation of the Degree Committee.

Program for Senior visiting students: Candidates must have at least a Master's degree. Advanced Students are normally supervised by a professor of the accepting college or department to conduct research in a specific subject. The program is one year. However, upon request the student may be considered for an extension. Upon graduation, the student will receive a certificate of achievement.

Program forGeneral visiting students: Candidates must have at least a bachelor’s degree, and enjoy good health. The students may take postgraduate courses or language training courses.

Chinese Language Learners: Any students living abroad in good health can apply for the Chinese language training program.

hhhThe Process for Application

I. Students of Chinese Government Scholarship
??To apply for Chinese Government Scholarship, the applicants may contact Education Section of the Chinese Consulate in your country or the Consulate of your country in China and ask for the Admission Brochure. For any detailed information, please refer to the Division of Foreign Students Affairs, China Scholarship Council.
Address: Level 13, Building A3 No.9 Chegongzhuang Avenue Beijing 100044, P.R.China
Tel: +86-10-6641-3253, +86-10-6641-3255
Fax: +86-10-6641-3255

II. Self-sponsored Students
a. The applicants may contact the International Education and Exchange Centre of SWU for the Application Form, Physical Examination Form, or download all other forms from our website.
Address: International Education and Exchange Center, Southwest University, Beibei District, Chongqing, 400715, China
Tel: +86-23-6825-6342. +86-23-6825-2347
Fax: +86-23-6886-3805
Website: or
b. All the documents, including the application forms, school diplomas, a copy of the physical examination record issued by public hospitals, and the application fees are to be sent to the International Education and Exchange Centre of SWU. To qualified and accepted students an admission notice and a JW 202 Form will be granted, with which, and together with the original Physical Examination Record, the applicants can apply a visa at the Chinese Embassy or Chinese Consulate in the applicants’ countries.
PS: Those whose term of study is shorter than 6 months should apply for Visa F. Those whose term of study is longer than six months should apply for Visa X.
Flexible time arrangement is granted for students of further education and Chinese language learners. Students are required to register within the notified dates with the Admission Notice and JW 202 Forms. Those who fail to register within ten days after the deadline without necessary procedure for postponement permission will be refused.

hhhTuition Fees and Life Expenditure

I Chinese Government Scholarship Students
? ?Chinese Government Scholarship students will receive scholarships, tuition and living expenses and a medical insurance by Chinese government according to the granted categories of scholarships, and the rest fees are met by students themselves.
II Self-sponsored Students

  1. Tuition fees

    Undergraduate Programs:

    ▲15,000 per year for students of Liberal Arts

    ●17,000 per year for students of Sciences and Engineering

    ●19,000 per year for Fine Arts or Music Students.

    Master’s Programs:

    ●22,000 per year

    Doctoral Programs:

    ●30,000 per year

    Advanced Students of Further Education

    ●26,000 per year

    General Students of Further Education:

    ●17,000 per year

    Chinese Language Learners :

    ●13,000 per year (?7,000 for a semester)

    Short-term Language Learners:

    ●1800 per month (More than two months)

    The tuition for non-language short-term students is decided according to their courses.

  2. Application and Registration fees: ¥400
  3. Food Expense:
    Students may cook in public kitchens in foreign students’ dormitory, or dine in the foreign student canteen and other canteens on campus. The daily cost of meal is usually 20-45 Yuan per person.
  4. Fees for Teaching Materials and internships Outside the Curriculum:
    Fees for all teaching materials and internships outside the curriculum are met by students themselves. Usually the cost for teaching materials will be about ¥500 annually.
  5. Traveling:
    Office for Foreign students’ Affairs will arrange study tours if possible, and the costs are met by students themselves.

More information about Chinese Language Programs

Our University has teaching faculty with profound knowledge and rich experiences in the training of the Chinese Language. We offer effective training programs all the year round for those who wish to improve their Chinese Language proficiency for career or business purposes, or those who need the training of Chinese for further college studies in China.
Southwest University boasts well-equipped facilities for learning and living on campus. Eighteen course hours per week are ensured, and the number of students in each language class is kept under 15 so as to ensure enough opportunities for speaking and listening. In addition to the required courses such as Modern Chinese Language, Communication Skills, Listening and Speaking Skills, Selected Readings in Chinese Literature, Chinese Grammar, and Business Chinese, optional courses are also offered, such as Chinese History, A Survey of Chinese Culture, Traditional Chinese Painting, Chinese Calligraphy, Chinese Martial Arts, and Chinese Cooking. Study tours in China may also be arranged the whole year round.


All the international students may be accommodated at the International Students’ Dormitory. Each room or flat of the International Students’ Dormitory is furnished with a TV set, a telephone, a bathroom (shower or bath), an air-conditioner, and the access to the Internet. There are also public kitchens, laundries, reading rooms, a gym and a recreation room for activities and parties. On the campus there are banks where the traveler’s checks can be cashed and credit cards such as VISA, MASTER, JCB can be used. The post-office in the shopping center on campus can handle international postal service.
  For long term students: (more than 125 nights, not including the fees for the electricity and water)
  Double room: A shared room for two, ?40 per day per person.
  Single room: ?80 per day.
  Flat (2 bedrooms and a sitting room): Shared by two, ?60 per day for each. Used by one, ?120 per day.
  (Water and electricity fees are not included in all the above-mentioned rooms)
 For short term students: (less than 125 nights, not including the fees for the electricity and water)
  Double room: A shared room for two, ?50 per day per person.
  Single room: ?100 per day.
  Flat (2 bedrooms and a sitting room): Shared by two, ?70 per day for each. Used by one, ?140 per day.

Students can also choose to live in other places on or outside the campus, but must apply to the International Students’ Office and register at the local Police Station. The cost is to be negotiated by the students with the landlords or landladies.

hhhGraduation and Course-completion
  1. Degree students
    If the students consummate the required study terms and are qualified in their scores, they will receive graduation certificates. If they also meet the regulations of the Degree Committee, they will receive corresponding bachelors’, masters’, or doctoral degree. If they are not qualified in their scores, they will only receive course-completion certificates.
  2. Students for Updating Studies and Non-Degree students
    · If the students consummate the required study terms and are qualified in their scores, they will receive study certificates.


The International Education and Exchange Centre,
Southwest University

1, Tiansheng Road, Beibei,Chongqing, 400715
Tel: 86-23-68256342 or 68252347
Fax: 86-23-68863805


Address: The International Education and Exchange Centre, Southwest University ,Tiansheng Road, Beibei,Chongqing,
Tel: +86-23-68256342/68252347 P.R.China: 400715 Fax: +86-23-68863805
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